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Inauguration of PGE Ventures

On June 22, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of PGE Ventures was held at the PGE National Stadium. The strategy of the fund was presented by Piotr Czak - President of the Management Board.

Inauguration of PGE Ventures

The speech was preceded by a comment of Mr. Henryk Baranowski,President of Management Board of  PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A., who noted the role played by innovation in shaping the Polish economy and the development of Polish companies in the energy sector. The inauguration was attended by representatives of the Polish startup environment, including VC funds and organizations that support startups' ecosystem. Deputy Minister of Energy, Mr Michał Kurtyka was also present, and emphasized the importance of opening up the energy sector to new areas and business models.


During the ceremony the discussion of experts representing different branches of the startup ecosystem in Poland was held. Speakers exchanged observations about present and future forms of financial support for startups and its expectations in cooperation with large corporations. During the discussion panel, speakers mentioned the new quality PGE Ventures will bring to the Polish startup ecosystem.


PGE Ventures - Konferencja prasowa

After the ceremony, there were discussions in the lobby, where guests had the opportunity to address their questions directly to PGE Ventures representatives.


PGE Ventures has the ambition to be a part of a startup ecosystem that has been developing in Poland for the last two years. Therefore, we kindly invite to cooperate startups, VC funds, accelerator programs and all other participants in the market. I deeply believe that together we can build the value of the PGE Capital Group and help to develop young Polish entrepreneurs, said Piotr Czak, CEO of PGE Ventures.

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