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PGE Ventures starts the cooperation with Startup Poland Foundation

PGE Ventures supports implementation of the PGE Capital Group strategy, where there is a special place for new sources of income and innovation. Accordingly, a strategic partnership with Startup Poland has been established.

Press conference: Inauguration of PGE Ventures

Under the cooperation with the foundation, PGE Ventures can rely on ongoing monitoring of startups from various industries, participation in specialized expert workshops, pitch days and meetings that will take place within the statutory activity of Startup Poland foundation.

The partnership with the Startup Poland Foundation is crucial for PGE Ventures as it will provide access to knowledge about startups in Poland and growing ecosystem. The Foundation also supports corporations in co-operation with startups, conducts dialogue with public administration and participates in consultations of legislative projects, as well as monitors, identifies and promotes business projects with innovative features developed by startups operating on the Polish market.

PGE Ventures is looking for the widest possible access to a professionally selected startup group and partnership with the foundation, allows us to realize this goal. Another value of this cooperation will be the possibility of providing the expert base and promotion channels of our fund in the target group of entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build a company image of credible and honest partner. - says Piotr Czak, CEO of PGE Ventures.

PGE Ventures, as a strategic partner of the Startup Poland Foundation, will be involved in the implementation of the Foundation's projects as well as will build the image of a Polish patron of energy startups and a credible business partner for young entrepreneurs. In addition to expert support related to evaluation of innovative projects, PGE Ventures will also receive a place in the Program Council of the Startup Poland Foundation, which will provide the company with a real opportunity to influence the projects and activities of the Foundation.

Through a strategic partnership with PGE Ventures, Startup Poland will increase the impact of its projects to more quickly and effectively strengthen the startup ecosystem in Poland. Among the largest Polish companies, PGE is the first company which recognize the value of such high-level, ecosystem-based activities. By launching the corporate venture capital fund, the PGE Capital Group becomes a natural ally of Startup Poland Foundation in the construction of a strong and viable ecosystem of Polish startups. - says Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa, President of Startup Poland.

Co-operation with the foundation provides PGE Ventures with an exclusive sectoral presence in the energy sector, which taking into account growing competition from other industry players, gives PGE Capital Group a significant advantage in accessing to prospective startups.

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