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PySENSE in the PGE Ventures’ portfolio

PGE Ventures Fund which invests in the best start-ups in the energy sector and industry 4.0, has recently completed the investment in PySENSE - one of the most dynamically developing startups in the area of ICT technologies for the energy sector.

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PLN 100m for start-ups from the energy sector

During the next 5 years, a joint fund established by the PGE Capital Group, Polish Development Fund and the National Centre for Research and Development will invest PLN 100m in the most innovative energy start-ups. The fund will focus on: Industry 4.0, digitisation, energy storage, e-mobility, ICT and Big Data.

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PGE Ventures established a new investment fund and invested in new startups

PGE Ventures established an Energy Research Capital fund. The fund with PGE Ventures’ financial support plans to invest in innovative projects within the energy sector, Internet of Things (IoT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). PGE Ventures also invested in new startups that extended an investment portfolio of the PGE Ventures' fund.

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PGE Ventures cooperates with academia

PGE Ventures has started the cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw School of Economics.

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PGE Ventures summarizes the scouting program and presents plans for the future

As part of the conducted scouting program, almost 150 startups have submitted to PGE Ventures fund. With two of them, the fund signed the investment agreements. Next three contracts are being finalized.

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PGE Ventures’ first investments in startups

Innovative technology which helps to reduce the problem of smog, and innovative ways of monitoring industrial assets from the air – these are the first two investments carried out by PGE Ventures fund.

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PGE Ventures is looking for startups that will help to utilize combustion by-products in the PGE Group’s generation assets

In September 2017, PGE Ventures started its own scouting program for startups. Main goal is to find most perspective startups on the market. The fund particularly encourages technological startups which have mature solutions or ideas for the ashes and other combustion by-products utilization, especially synthetic gypsum.

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An exemplary financial model for startups is available for download!

PGE Ventures invites to check the exemplary financial model which can help startups to evaluate their projects.

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PGE Ventures launches its scouting program for startups

PGE Ventures launched its scouting program. The aim of the program is to reach the widest possible target group and select the companies that best meet the business expectations of the fund and PGE Capital Group.

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Press conference: Inauguration of PGE Ventures


PGE Ventures starts the cooperation with Startup Poland Foundation

PGE Ventures supports implementation of the PGE Capital Group strategy, where there is a special place for new sources of income and innovation. Accordingly, a strategic partnership with Startup Poland has been established.

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Inauguration of PGE Ventures


Inauguration of PGE Ventures

On June 22, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of PGE Ventures was held at the PGE National Stadium. The strategy of the fund was presented by Piotr Czak - President of the Management Board.

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