SpeedUp Energy Innovation

Investments in startups in development and expansion stages of growth

SpeedUp Energy Innovation

SpeedUp Energy Innovation (SEI) is a fund established under the BRIdge VC program by PGE Ventures, Polish Development Fund, SpeedUp Group and National Center for Research and Development.

The fund’s main objective is to invest in startups in development and expansion stages of growth. The fund’s budget is PLN 60 million (approx. EUR 13 million). SEI is particularly interested in working with technological startups widely linked  to the energy value chain of the PGE Capital Group, as well highly innovative startups with growth potential.

Investment ticket

The fund’s objective is to carry out 12 new investments and several follow-on investments. A single investment ticket is from PLN 3 to 4 million. The fund accepts co-investments, especially regarding follow-on investments. The investment ticket for follow-on investments could reach from PLN 3 to 5 million The fund’s team is particularly interested in technologically advanced startups characterized by high potential to generate cash flows.

Investment areas

The fund’s main investment areas cover the following solutions:

  • Industry 4.0;
  • Data digitization technologies;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT);
  • Big Data management;
  • Energy storage technologies;
  • Solutions for e-mobility;
  • Renewable technologies.

Investment criteria

The fund is looking for projects in development and expansion stages of growth. Startups must generate revenues from their current operations, while injected capital should be used for market expansion rather than technology improvement.

Key fund personnel

Bartłomiej Gola – General Partner, SpeedUp Group

Bartek has been active in the startup environment for over 8 years – starting as an investor in several projects undertook by business partners. He's also a co-founder of dozen technology startups. His main role in the SEI fund is managing the team of Investment Managers, supervising the fund’s portfolio companies and supervising the SpeedUp Energy Innovation Platform promotion and networking activities.

Jakub Domeracki – Investment Manager

Kuba, as the Investment Manager, is responsible for deal structure. He is an experienced negotiator. Kuba has significant experience in choosing sources of finance which allows for investments optimal capital structure of equity and debt. Furthermore, Kuba is responsible for the fund’s controlling processes over the investment portfolio.

Adam Zagała – Investment Manager

Adam, as the Investment Manager, is responsible for assessing applications received by the fund. Adam leads investment projects in the area of process innovations. For such projects, Adam is responsible for the whole investment process, including analysis and assessment of the project, transaction finalization and supervision over the portfolio company.

Arkadiusz Piechocki – Managing Partner, SpeedUp Group

Arek is a co-founder and a managing partner of SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. He works with portfolio companies operating in areas of IoT, MarTech and Big Data. As the Investment Manager of the SEI fund, Arek is responsible for leading ‘deep tech’ investment projects which means product innovation, cutting-edge technology and material or industrial solution. For those projects he is responsible for the analysis and assessment processes, transaction finalization and supervision over the portfolio company.

For more information about the SpeedUp Energy Innovation fund please visit website: SpeedUp Energy Innovation