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PGE Ventures invites to cooperation all entrepreneurs, whose innovative projects have a chance to transform into profitable businesses. As part of our scouting program, we will strive to work with as many quality startups as we can.

In addition, the fund invites all entities in the startup ecosystem in Poland to cooperate. We are open to cooperation with any entity that can bring value to both PGE Ventures and the entire PGE Capital Group.

Description of the company's activities:

  • Investments in innovative startups and transfer of knowledge regarding running the business,
  • Cooperation with universities and NGOs,
  • Building relationships with partners and market experts,
  • Acquisition of external financing.

Principles of cooperation


Taking into account the possible level of PGE Ventures' involvement, as well as startups' capabilities to deliver specific solutions, projects will be sought in the area of:

  • optimization of PGE's operations within entire Group's value chain,
  • energy storage and clean generation technologies, incl. air quality control systems,
  • IT and communication services, such as: Big Data, Smart Home, e-mobility, mobile apps, other products and services,
  • enrichment of energy resources and utilization of combustion by-products.

Organizations and foundations

PGE Ventures offers a model of cooperation based on strategic and business partnership. Organizations which can provide a database of startups, pool of experts and promotion channels for the PGE Ventures fund are particularly welcome.

Incubators, accelerators and partners

PGE Ventures wants to cooperate with incubators and technological accelerators which can provide mentoring services for startups from its portfolio.

VC funds

PGE Ventures will consider all potential co-investments with other VC funds operating on Polish and foreign market. Decisions on their implementation will be taken by the PGE Ventures Management Board.

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